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The Only Family-Focused Scuba Diving Tour in Miyakojima!

Family Diving Experience in Miyakojima


For those who don’t want to risk failing to create memorable experiences with their children on a family vacation, please read on!

Private Family Teams: Dive with just your family, both adults and children.

Two Plans Available: Choose between Boat Diving Tourand Beach Diving Tourfor a private family experience.

Boat Diving Tour

Not only can you enjoy the crystal-clear waters, but you can also request to visit the popular Blue Cave!

Beach Diving Tour

Dive in shallow waters (3-4m) rich with tropical fish, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Share Unforgettable Memories

Even if you do not have a diving certification, the whole family can enjoy a wonderful diving experience together, children and adults alike.This is the perfect choice for those looking for a marine activity to share memories with their family.This tour is also ideal for parents with scuba certification who want to share the excitement of scuba diving with their children and family.

Relaxing for Parents

Even if you are a mother or father, forget about your busy work schedule or household chores and enjoy the peace underwater world. Diving is the perfect relaxation activity to relieve your daily stress. Let’s go on an underwater adventure with your children and give them unforgetable memories

Suitable for Kids

Beach Diving Touris available for children aged 10 and up,while Boat Diving Tours available for those aged 12 and up.Just like adults, children can use scuba diving equipment to breathe underwater and experience the weightless underwater world.We have all the equipment necessary for diving, so even first-timers can participate with confidence.

Comfortable Gear for Kids

Comfortable Gear for Kids: Children use specially sized diving equipment, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable dive. Children’s diving equipment is carried to the surface by our staff, so there is no need to walk on the beach with heavy diving equipment on your back.

Foster Environmental Awareness

Diving is not a dangerous activity.

If you follow the correct knowledge and rules, and dive with an experienced instructor, it is the most enjoyable game for children.

By exposing children to the wonderful nature and clean ocean of Miyako Island through the fun of diving, they will surely develop an awareness of “not polluting the ocean,” “not throwing garbage away,” and “taking care of nature,” as well as a kind heart.

The diving experience with the whole family will give your children a chance to learn about the wonder and importance of nature, which is worth protecting.

A diving experience for the whole family in the great nature of Miyako Island will broaden the children’s world view and strengthen the family bond.

Capture Family Memories

With the special offer for official website reservations, you can also preserve your memories with the free use of an underwater camera.

Safety and Satisfaction

Experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.We provide courteous and heartfelt service, and have 4.9 rating on Google (more than 430 reviews), and are ranked No. 1 among dive shops on Miyakojima on TripAdvisor.This tour is held by a reliable and proven diving shop with no accidents for 17 years since opening.

Please leave the diving experience with your precious family to Miyakojima Diving Center Guide-Ya-San!

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Miyakojima Diving Tours

  1. Miyakojima divingの人気スポット青の洞窟

    Discover Scuba Diving: Boat Tour

    Blue Cave Requests Accepted! Popular Half-Day Tour!

    16500 yen~
  2. 宮古島ボートファンダイビング

    Certified Diving: Boat Tour

    Explore Spots with Dynamic Underwater Landscapes!

  3. 宮古島の青の洞窟ボートシュノーケリング

    Snorkeling: Boat Tour

    Enjoy Cmfortable Snorkeling in Small Groups!

    9900 yen ~

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