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For Those Who Are Nervous but Want to Try Diving!

Discover Scuba Diving: Beach Tour

Free underwater camera rental

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  1. Point 1 : Private Diving Experience with a Dedicated Guide!
  2. Point 2 : Practice in Shallow Water, Perfect for Nervous Beginners!
  3. Point 3 : Takes Only 2 Hours! Enjoy Sightseeing or Other Activities Afterward!

Private Tour & Free Underwater Camera Rental!

This is a completely private diving experience with a dedicated guide for each group! You can enjoy diving without worrying about other guests, just with your trusted companions. Recommended for couples, spouses, or close friends who want to enjoy a diving experience in Miyakojima.

Perfect for First-Time Divers!

For those who are trying diving for the first time or feel a bit nervous, Miyakojima's beach discover scuba diving is highly recommended! First, we will provide a thorough explanation of diving on land. Then, you will practice breathing and equalizing in a calm and shallow beach area until you feel confident. A few meters into the water, you will be greeted by tropical fish. Dive up to 5 meters deep and enjoy interacting with popular tropical fish like clownfish (Nemo), perfect for beginners. Without the extra waiting time for boat transfers, this 2hour experience allows you to make the most of your travel schedule.

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    Free Underwater Camera Campaign! (Official Website Reservations Only)

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    Certified Divers and Beginner Divers Can Dive Together!

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    For those with prior diving experience, we recommendDiscover Scuba Diving: Boat Tour!

Tour flow

  • 宮古島ビーチダイビング集合場所
    • Morning 9:00
      Afternoon 12:30
    Onsite meeting at the beach

    The beach meeting location will be determined based on the wind direction on the day. We will send the Google Maps link

  • 宮古島ビーチ体験ダイビング
    • Morning 9:30
      Afternoon 13:00
    Practice and Start Diving

    First, we will provide a thorough explanation of diving on land.Then, we will practice diving skills such as breathing and equalizing in a calm, shallow area until you feel confident, and then start the dive.

  • 宮古島体験ダイビング
    • Morning 11:00
      Afternoon 14:30

    End of the tour

    There are no shower facilities. We provide warm tap water in bottles for rinsing off. Change in a portable tent. Disband on-site and explore Miyakojima Island. For those interested, we can recommend sightseeing spots. Feel free to ask our staff.

Basic information


  • ・Morning 2 Dives: ¥15000 (¥16500 with tax and equipment)

  • ・Afternoon 1 Dive: ¥12000 (¥13200 with tax and equipment)

Includes all scuba equipment. Lunch, drinks, and transportation are not included.

  • ・Swimsuit

  • ・Towel

Recommended Items

  • ・sunscreen

  • ・For sensitive skin: long-sleeve rash guard and leggings-style rash guard

Participation criteria

  • ・Healthy individuals aged 12 to 55

  • ・Minimum of 2 participants required.


If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us at any time.

Terms of Service

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(Business hours:8:00~20:00)
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