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Miyako Island – Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we receive in our inquiries.

About diving and snorkeling

Q. I am notcertifed diver, can I participate in the diving plan?
A.Yes. Even if you are not certifed diver, you can join the Discover Scuba Divig Tour.
Q. I have poor eyesight, can I still dive?
A. Yes. If you usually wear glasses and your naked eye vision is less than 0.1, we can provide you with a mask with prescription (550 yen). However, for those who are on land or on the boat, we recommend that you wear disposable one-day type soft contact lenses rather than a mask with glasses.
Q. Can I participate in the tour alone?
A. Basically, we accept a minimum of two people; please contact us if you would like to join the tour alone.
Q. Can I join the diving tour after my arrival on the day of arrival in Miyakojima?
A. Yes, you can participate. You can join our half-day diving tour in the afternoon on the same day you arrive in Miyakojima. If you wish to join the tour in the afternoon on the day of arrival, please let us know your arrival time when you make your booking.
Q. Can I join a diving tour on the day of return in the time before my flight?
You will not be able to participate. Boarding a plane after diving can put a strain on your body due to atmospheric pressure. You cannot participate in the diving tour on the last day of your return from Miyakojima. If you have time until your flight on the last day, we recommend the snorkeling tour.
Q. Can I dive with a friend who are certifed diver?
A. Yes, you can enjoy diving with your friend who are certifed diver
Q. How much time do you spend underwater?
A. Normally, the dive time is scheduled for about 40 minutes, including practice on the surface water.
Q. To what depth do you dive for the Discover Scuba DIving?
A. For Discover Scuba Diving Beach Tour, we plan to dive to a depth of 4 to 6 meters, and for Discover Scuba Diving Boat Tour, we plan to start at a depth of 5 meters and go up to a maximum of 12 meters. In any case, we will determine the depth at which you can safely enjoy diving and make sure that you can dive at a depth that is comfortable for you. We recommend Discover Scuba Diving Beach Tour for those who prefer shallower depths, and Discover Scuba Diving Boat Tour for those who wish to dive deeper.
Q. Where is the dive site for Discover Scuba DIving?
A. Beach diving is mainly conducted at the beaches of Kurimajima, Shimoji Island, and the south coast of Miyako Island. Boat diving tours are conducted at dive sites around Irabu Island and Shimoji Island. We often guide participants to a spot called Blue Cave or Channel.
Q. Where is the tour meeting place?
A.Meeting places for each tour are listed by category.Tour Meeting Place
Q. I have small children, at what age can they try diving? Do you have diving equipment for children?
A. Children as young as 10 years old are welcome to participate. Wetsuits, BCDs, and other equipment for children are available. We want children to experience the wonder and importance of nature through diving, and to experience the fascinating underwater world of Miyakojima Island at a time when they are highly sensitive.
Q. My child will be 10 years old in a few months, is it possible to join a diving tour?
A. We are very sorry. Due to insurance reasons, children must be past their 10th birthday to participate.
Q. I am over 55 years old, can I still participate in the tour?
A. Participation is limited to healthy people up to 54 years of age.
Q. What is the payment method?
A. Payment is made via online credit card payment at the time of booking.
Q. What should I bring on the day?
A. Please prepare towels, swimwear, and drinks during the tour.Please wear your swimsuit under your clothes at the time of the meeting. Please wear casual clothes that are easy to change into and can get a little wet, as well as flip-flops. If you would like to use the free rental service of an underwater camera, please bring an SD card to put in your digital camera.
Q. What kind of makeup and hairstyle should I wear on the day of the tour?
A. Please refer to the page “Recommended Makeup, Nails, and Hairstyle for Diving” for more information.
Q. Are shower/changing rooms available at the dismissal site?
A. There are no shower or changing facilities on site, but we will provide warm fresh water for you to use instead of a shower. There is a simple tent for changing. Although shampooing etc. is difficult. On the day of the event, please come in casual clothes that are easy to change into.
Q. Are there toilets and shade on the diving boat?
A. There are marine toilets and shade (sunshades) on the boat. Sunshades are provided to protect your skin from the strong sunlight of Miyakojima, so even those who are concerned about sunburn can participate without worry. Marine toilets are also provided. Fresh water is available to rinse off seawater after diving.
Q. Are the boats crowded?
A. In order to ensure a comfortable and safe tour, we limit the number of guests on our 25-passenger dive boat to 12 and the number of guests on our 12-passenger dive boat to 6. You will not feel cramped on the boat due to overcrowding.
Q.How long is the boat ride?I am worried about getting seasick.
A. It takes about 15 minutes. One of our main features is that we use the nearest port to the diving spots. Diving spots are located around Shimojijima Island, Irabujima Island. The port from which dive boats depart is also located on Shimojijima Island, Irabujima Island. Therefore, the distance traveled is considerably shorter than leaving the port on Miyakojima Island for the diving spots on Shimojijima Island, Irabujima Island, which reduces seasickness.

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