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Blue Cave Requests Accepted! Popular Half-Day Tour!

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Miyakojima divingの人気スポット青の洞窟
Miyakojima diving体験
Miyakojima divingで潜るアーチ
Miyakojima divingの耳抜きと潜降
  1. Point 1 : Blue Cave Requests Accepted!
  2. Point 2 : You Can Be a Group of Only Two People (Couples or Spouses)!
  3. Point 3 : Family-Only or Friends-Only Teams Available!

Most Popular Half-Day Boat Discover Scuba Diving Tour!

Enjoy diving at offshore spots from our dedicated boat. Experience the dynamic and incredibly clear waters of Miyakojima!

A Premium Diving Experience!

We offer a unique and special diving experience that low-cost tours can't match. Our diving shop is the only one in Miyakojima to receive the Travelers' Choice Award from TripAdvisor for five consecutive years, even during the pandemic, earning high praise from travelers worldwide.


Certified Divers and Beginners Can Dive Together!

Licensed divers and first-time beginner divers can dive together in a team of two. Share the memories and excitement of diving in Miyakojima.

We will support you wholeheartedly, as if guiding our loved ones.

Only kind and friendly staff will conduct your tour. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your diving experience in Miyakojima is truly enjoyable!

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    Free Underwater Camera Campaign! (Official Website Reservations Only)

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Tour flow

  • Miyakojima divingの申込
    • Morning 8:30
      Afternoon 12:30
    Onsite meeting at the port of Irabu island

    We will handpick the best port of the day based on weather and sea conditions to give you the best experience and the shortest boat ride to the dive site as possible. We will either depart from Sarahama Port or Toguchi Port

  • 宮古島ボート体験ダイビング
    • Morning 8:45
      Afternoon 12:45
    Departing on Our Dedicated Boat

    We depart from Irabu Island port, which is close to the dive spots. With a short travel distance, there's less worry about seasickness. After arriving at the spot, each team will start their tour with a dedicated guide!

  • 宮古島ボートダイビング解散風景
    • Morning 12:00
      Afternoon 15:00
    End of the tour

    There are no shower facilities. We provide warm tap water in bottles for rinsing off. Change in a portable tent. Disband on-site and explore Irabu Island. For those interested, we can recommend sightseeing spots. Feel free to ask our staff.

Basic information


  • ・Morning 2 Dives: ¥19000 (¥20900 with tax and equipment)

  • ・Afternoon 1 Dive: ¥15000 (¥16500 with tax and equipment)

  • ・Includes all scuba equipment.

  • ・Lunch, drinks, and transportation are not included.


  • ・Swimsuit

  • ・Towel

  • ・Socks (ankle-length or higher)

Recommended Items

  • ・Motion sickness medication

  • ・For sensitive skin: long-sleeve rash guard and leggings-style rash guard

Participation criteria

  • ・Healthy individuals aged 12 to 55

  • ・Minimum of 2 participants required.

Depending on the schedule and season, solo participation might be possible. Please contact us if you wish to join alone.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us at any time.

Terms of Service

Nishisato, Hirara, Miyakojima City, Okinawa Prefecture 356-2F
(Business hours:8:00~20:00)
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