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Diving in Miyakojima

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Miyakojima Diving Tours

  1. Miyakojima divingの人気スポット青の洞窟

    Discover Scuba Diving: Boat Tour

    Blue Cave Requests Accepted! Popular Half-Day Tour!

    16500 yen~
  2. 宮古島ボートファンダイビング

    Certified Diving: Boat Tour

    Explore Spots with Dynamic Underwater Landscapes!

  3. 宮古島の青の洞窟ボートシュノーケリング

    Snorkeling: Boat Tour

    Enjoy Cmfortable Snorkeling in Small Groups!

    9900 yen ~

Dive into Excitement in Miyakojima's Diving Spots

Friendly Diving Center

Small groups with up to 4 guests per guide (2 for Discover Sucuba Diving), family-only teams available, Blue Cave requests, free camera rental, afternoon dive available after arrival, and GoPro filming service included.

Point 02Fully Enjoy

Relaxed island time, crystal-clear waters, Miyakojima mangoes, and starry skies... Miyakojima offers more than just scuba diving! Enjoy the beauty, delicious food, and exciting experiences of Miyakojima!

Point 03Safe and
Relaxed Diving!

We balance safety and satisfaction. For 18 years, we have provided safe, secure, and enjoyable diving experiences in the beautiful waters of Miyakojima, ensuring you create unforgettable memories.

What You Need for Your First Dive

What Do You Need for Your First Dive?

What You Need for Your First Dive

For your first dive, please bring a swimsuit, towel, SD card (if you want to use our free rental camera), and motion sickness medication (if joining a boat plan).

What About Makeup and Nail Polish While Scuba Diving?

What About Makeup and Nail Polish While Scuba Diving?

What About Makeup and Nail Polish While Scuba Diving?

Sunscreen, light foundation, eyebrow makeup, and UV lip balm are OK. Avoid mascara, eyeliner, and other makeup that might run into your eyes when wet.

Avoid stones and 3D decorations as they may come off. Keep your nails short to prevent snagging on equipment or tearing while putting on and taking off your wetsuit. Nails can become soft and prone to breaking in water, so applying gel polish is recommended for added protection.

The Charm of Miyakojima Island

What Makes Miyakojima Special?

The Charm of Miyakojima Island

Located about 300 km south of Okinawa's main island, Miyakojima is formed from uplifted coral reefs. The coral's purification effect gives the sea its high transparency, known as "Miyako Blue." In summer, enjoy fresh mangoes, and the markets offer fresh tuna and bonito.

Recommendations Beyond Scuba Diving in Miyakojima Island

What Are the Recommendations Beyond Scuba Diving in Miyakojima island?

Recommendations Beyond Scuba Diving in Miyakojima Island

There are many stylish cafes, including tropical sweets. Visit tourist spots like Irabu Ohashi, Japan's longest toll-free bridge, and Higashi-Hennazaki, one of Japan's top 100 scenic spots. At night, enjoy a sky full of stars!

First-Time Diving

First-time diving can be nerve-wracking, but with Miyakojima Diving Center Guide-Ya-San, you'll be just fine.

First-Time Diving

  1. To provide detailed service, we limit the number of guests per day.
  2. We ensure safety and satisfaction with small group sizes and thorough team division based on diving experience.
  3. We believe every dive is a once-in-a-lifetime memory for our guests, so we approach our daily operations with sincerity and dedication.
  4. With a 18-year accident-free record since opening, we welcome our guests with confidence.

Best Deals When You Book on Our Official Website!
Exclusive perks for bookings made through our official site!

Miyakojima Diving Center

The Ultimate Guide to Diving in Miyakojima

I am Nozomu, the desk supervisor. Please feel free to consult with me about any trivial matter!

This is Captain Shinsuke. We will guide you to the dive sites with safe voyage today!

This is Asami. Enjoying the sea of Miyakojima every day with our customers.

Diving Spots in Miyakojima

We offer the best diving spots in Miyakojima Island,
tailored to your preferences and the day's weather and sea conditions.
Discover the top diving locations on Miyakojima Island.

Devil's Palace


Popular Spot for
Cerdifed Divers Only!

Blue Cave


Beginner-Friendly! Easy and
Popular Spot

Nakanoshima channel


Even More Beautiful and
than the Blue Cave!

Kurimajima Isdand Beach


Filled with Colorful
Tropical Fish!

Imugya Marine Garden


A Calm and Wave-Free Cove!

Meeting locations vary by diving spot. We will send you the Google Maps link via WhatsApp the day before the tour.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us at any time.

Terms of Service

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