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Our Values and Features

Beginner-friendly Diving Center

At Miyakojima Diving Center Guide-Ya-San, our staff guides you with the care and attention as if guiding their loved ones.

We have created a friendly atmosphere where even beginners can feel peace of mind while diving.

When it comes to diving with your loved ones, leave the safety and guidance to us so that all of you feel a sense of safety and enjoyment throughout the dive.

Counseling type operation

From the moment we receive your inquiry we strive to respond with kindness and courtesy. Your thoughts and wonders are very important to us, so please tell us what’s on your mind so we can address it!

We will then propose the best Tour for you according to your wishes and needs.

Safe and Relaxed Diving Experience

We provide a safe and comfortable environment especially for beginners.

Our experienced guides give careful lectures tailored to each individual’s needs, and we place great importance on explanations and practice before diving.

We will always accompany you for practice until you feel comfortable and ease your anxiety before diving.

You will never start diving with a feeling of anxiety.

Furthermore, by conducting rescue training on a regular basis, we are well prepared to handle any emergency situation.

A Wide Variety of Tours to Meet Your Needs

We have a wide variety of tours especially recommended for beginner divers.

For those who are considering a family diving experience, we offer tours that children and adults can enjoy together.

As a result of our pursuit of safety and satisfaction, we are able to offer diving groups with family-only members or friends.

Personalized support by a dedicated guide

Certified scuba diving tours will consist of groups of up to 4 people per guide. Each group will have their dedicated guide throughout the whole tour, this minimizes time on the boat and gives more time in the water! By doing this all groups dive at the same time to minimize wait time, your time is precious!

We are committed to providing thoughtful and considerate service to each and every one of our clients.

Diving with our own private boat

We use our own private dive boats.

This avoids the crowded boat conditions a common problem at other dive centers. this provides a more comfortable diving environment.

We also limit the number of people on our boats to reduce congestion even during the busy summer season.

By using our own private boat, we are able to provide you with a memorable diving experience while maintaining a close distance from other customers.

”We want to provide you with the “best memories”…

We offer more than just a diving experience. We offer more than a diving experience; we offer the best memories of your life with your loved ones, healing your heart, enriching your life, and giving you the energy for tomorrow.

A special moment in the breathtaking beauty of the ocean is not just a moment in time, it is a special experience that fills your heart and connects you to your loved ones.

We believe that the “best memories” we provide will strengthen your bond with your loved ones and nurture your ability to support each other, thus making your life better!

Trust and Achievement

Our Diving Center has been a favorite of many customers on Miyako Island for many years.

We have a high rating of 4.9 on Google (over 430 reviews) and are proudly ranked #1 in Miyakojima diving shops (TripAdvisor).

We sincerely hope that by participating in one of our tours, you will experience a new world, be moved by the beauty of nature, and feel refreshed in body and soul.

Our goal is to provide you with the best memories that will enrich your life through our friendly, courteous, and thoughtful guiding services.

We look forward to a wonderful encounter with you and look forward to serving you!

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Miyakojima Diving Center Guide-Ya-San in Okinawa

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